Each of these items are made with lots of love and the memories of my beautiful journey to India.   Think of me each time you wear your necklace, light your lamp or use the yummy scrub! 

These are fun casual necklaces.     $15.00

Each necklace is hand strung with an India inspired charm.  $20.00

This necklace can be worn as a double necklace like in the picture or as a long singlestrand necklace.   $25.00

Enjoy the warm glow of this soothing Himalayan Salt Lamp.  It comes with a battery operated tea light but you can replace it with your own tea light candle if you prefer.  This also comes with a chord bracelet you can wear or keep on your lamp to dress it up.


This delicious salt scrub is made with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Pink Himalayan Salt and a spicy essential oil blend that will take you away to exotic India!  $15.00

Paper Gift Certificate

You can purchase a paper gift certificate here and then I will mail it out to you no later than the next business day.  


Half Hour   $45

One Hour    $70

Ninety Minutes   $100

If you'd like to buy something you can email me at kelseymassage@gmail.com.  If it's for a necklace I can customize it according to a color you choose and the charm you like best.  you can choose an elephant, a Buddha head, Buddha in a hand, lotus flower, tiger, cobra or Tree of Life charm.


I promise I will get your item shipped as fast as I can.  I'll need around 5-10 business days to complete and order and get it shipped.  



If you click on the words above "Add to Cart" you will be directed to PayPal where you can check out or keep shopping! Let me know whether your going to pick it up locally or I'm shipping it to you.  

Cindy Kelsey LMT