As a former Special Education teacher I've had the privilege of working with many children.  I understand the demands put upon them to achieve in school, perform in sports, various after school activities, and to develop good relationships with their peers. 


While earning my certification in pediatric massage through the LIDDLE KIDZ Foundation I learned that massage therapy has the potential to ease the effects of the demands your children encounter every day.   

  • Massage increases the level of oxytocin. This hormone allows a person to feel more positive

  • Massage Therapy may provide relaxation and decrease anxiety

  • Body awareness/coordination may be improved.

  • Muscle tension and strains can be alleviated

  • Improve quality of sleep

  • Aide digestion function

  • May improve focus

  • Massage can enhance the effectiveness of other therapies such as speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy



Pediatric Massage is Different from Adult Massage

  • The massage session can take place in your own home or at my office, wherever your child feels most comfortable.

  • At least one parent should always be present during the entire massage session for younger children (4-10)

  • Absolutely no clothes are required to be removed for any part of the massage

  • It can take place on a mat on the floor, in a chair, on their bed etc.

  • The duration of the massage is only about 30 minutes for younger children (4-10)

  • Your child has the right to refuse any touch at any time.

  • Constant communication will be made with the child to ensure they are comfortable and feel safe


To learn more about Liddle Kidz Foundation you can watch these videos and visit these websites:

Cindy Kelsey LMT