Cost of Adult Massage Sessions

(18 and older)

60 Minute Massage $70

90 Minute Massage $100

Chair Massage $75/hour (2 hr minimum)

Pediatric Massage 


Typically Developing Children And Young Athletes 

Single sessions are: 45 min $45 or 60 min $60

Package Deal:   5  45 minute sessions for $200

                            5  60 minute sessions for $275

  • More than 30 minutes is not recommended for young children (4-13) 

  • Children 14-18 are likely to be able to tolerate an hour session. 

  • A brief pre-massage consultation and medical history will enable me to design an appropriate massage for your child. For younger children it's especially important that I meet them before any massage is given so that they can get to know me and learn what their massage will be like.

  • The effects of massage are cumulative and results are best achieved when received on a consistent basis.  3-5 sessions are recommended in order to begin to notice effects of massage.

Children with Medical Considerations 

  • Due to the special circumstances with these children I will ask you to fill out a detailed medical intake form.

  • Next, a free consultation will need to be arranged so that we can all meet and discuss concerns and expectations.

  • Finally, we can decide how to proceed.  

To book an appointment please text me at 518-588-4775 or email me at

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One Hour    $70

Ninety Minutes   $100

Cindy Kelsey LMT